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An open community for digital health techs and health entrepreneurship 💜 Yesil Society is a community open to everyone interested in innovatively combining science, art, and technology. Yesil Society has five main topics which are digital health, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and augmented reality. Also members are informed about new developments within Yesil Science through various communication channels and they contribute to new developments within Yesil Science.

A rapidly growing society !

Events organized with experts provide information on current news and creates a friendly environment to discuss these topics






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What are you wondering about us? We received so many questions that we have compiled them all for you! Let’s find the answers to the question marks in your mind! 🕺🏼🚀

The Yesil Society is an active community open to anyone who wants to combine technology, science, and art in an innovative way! 🕺🏼

You can join us by filling out the form from the link on our social media on our website! 🎉

No, of course! We are a huge family with nearly 1000 members, regardless of whether they are students, academics, or employees! 👭👫👬

Of course, the 5 most popular topics in the world! Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, XR, Digital Health, Entrepreneurship!

Usually, our event plan is 2 weeks, but because we love getting together, we can increase the frequency of events at times! 🥳

According to our guests, we realize the language of our events in English and Turkish.

We usually organize our events on our Discord channel, we always inform before the events! 📣

We actively use our WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord channels! After completing the registration form, we look forward to seeing you on our channels!

Of course, we are here for this! 🕺🏼 Once you’re involved, you can actively take part in all channels, communicate with anyone, invite them to your team, and share information!

To do this, check out the “privileges” on our site!